IACN to scale down operations

The Islamic Affairs Central Network (IACN) burst on to the national Islamic activism scene about a year ago and Alhamdulillah within a short space of time was recognised by UK and International media alongside well known organisations such as the MCB, IHRC and MPAC. In a golden period which lasted for about 6 months, IACN with the help of thousands of its supporters, achieved successes in a variety of initiatives whether that involved putting pressure on Islamophobic media, osg777 apk conducting covert sting operations against unscrupulous employers or lobbying multinational companies to change policies that negatively impacted on Muslims.

As most of you will already know IACN has had a relatively quiet past few months and this inactivity stems from the fact that IACN is run entirely by students. This has meant that our workforce has been in a constant state of flux with people coming and going regularly.
IACN has decided, for the next few years, to dramatically scale down operations and focus on grass root initiatives and local staff training. Insha’allah this will help bring about a new generation of Muslim activists and help fill the void that currently exists in Nottingham and around the country.
IACN will continue to publish its popular Weekly UK TV & Radio Programme Guide and may slowly increase other activity as the staff crises eases.
If any of you have concerns related to Muslim affairs, we urge you to contact the following active organisations:
(in no particular order)
UNSPUN –  [email protected]  (E-mail)
Islamic Awakening – www.IslamicAwakening.Com
Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC) – www.MpacUK.org
Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) – [email protected]  (E-mail)
Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) – www.ihrc.org
The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) www.mcb.org.uk
The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) – www.mabonline.net